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Try These 24 Eclectic Bohemian Decors for Your Bedroom

When it’s done right, a space with the bohemian decor will be something that looks enchanting and otherworldly. Mixing creativity, life, and colors in the best, most tasteful ways, bohemian decor wholeheartedly embraces the beauty of mixing patterns, textures, and cozy decorations all around the space. 

Bohemian decor is chic, aesthetically-pleasing, and most importantly, comfortable—just perfect for free-spirited adventurers waiting for another journey out there. Wanting to discover what it takes to nail it? Here are the best eclectic bohemian decor ideas to spruce up your bedroom.

Dreamy Bed Canopy

No matter what kind of decoration you’re assembling, the bed will always remain as the star of the bedroom. A great addition to make your most personal space look glamorous and romantic, who can resist the charm of a four-poster bed canopy? Drape it with fabric, fairy lights, and watch as the twinkle accompanies you into a deep sleep.

This boho bedroom is furnished with a canopy made of white cloth combined with this beautiful rope lamp. In addition, you can also add a tassel that is placed under the canopy to make a different look.
Making a boho bedroom canopy can be done by using patterned fabrics to create a beautiful look. In addition, you can add a rope lamp that will make the bedroom looks perfect.

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You can make a canopy with a transparent fabric combined with a rope lamp that will make your boho bed more attractive. In addition, this patterned bed linen also adds a look that needs to be considered.
This transparent fabric can also make a canopy for an extraordinary bohemian bed. Moreover, you can also add a rope lamp that will be a beautiful lighting.
Bohemian bedrooms are interesting and you should try to remodel your bedroom. This time the bed is equipped with a white cloth canopy which will make a simple but extraordinary appearance.

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Eclectic Macrame Wall Decor

The signature of bohemian decor, macrame is immensely famous within DIY communities and you can also create one for your bedroom. Macrame is one of the best ways to transform your room into a bohemian paradise.

You can decorate the walls of your boho bedroom by using this beige macrame. Place it next to the corner of the bedroom to show its beauty.
This bedroom looks simple with this wooden bed. Do not forget the macrame that clings to this wall. In addition, to make a stunning appearance, place it near the bed can also make the perfect combination.

Image Source

This macrame has the perfect brown color to make your bedroom walls look attractive. This macrame is also the most popular wall decoration.
Choose wall hangings like macrame that have this beautiful pattern. If you don’t want to make the bedroom wall look boring, maybe you can use this wall decoration.
This is a minimalist macrame that you can make yourself easily. Meanwhile, you can prepare a small-sized hola hoop combined with a rope.

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Boho Beddings

Bohemian decor is famous for its comfort, and there’s nothing more comfortable than laying in your bouncy bed covered in boho beddings. Mixing textures, patterns, and fringe, you won’t find the unique fabric anywhere else in the world.

If you want to make your bed look attractive, choose this patterned bedding. Make sure it matches the size of your bed.
This bed has bedding with beautiful patterns. The upper part has a polka dot pattern and the lower part displays a very elegant pattern.
This vertical striped bedding has a very exotic color. Having a faded white color combined with brown makes the bedroom looks perfect.
This bohemian bedroom features blue patterned bedding. Besides having an attractive color combination, it can also make the bedroom looks attractive.
This time the bed combines tassel on the side. Apart from that, it has an elegant striped pattern making it an attractive appearance.

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Hang Some Artworks

If you love to create for photographs, paintings, or drawings, consider hanging the masterpieces on your walls as a great addition to your boho bedroom. Consider buying one? Opt for local flea markets for a good deal of price.

You must create artwork to make your bedroom looks attractive. This time we used this beautiful sky-blue fabric hanging ornament.
Creating artwork for the bedroom is something you need to consider. This time, the artwork comes from the tree shape that made of wood.
A simple display of artwork just by combining several colors into one. After that, prepare a frame to make it easier for you to put on your boho bedroom wall.
This attractive red bedroom features a number of wall hangings such as a gallery wall that is exposed to this bedroom wall. Moreover, this bedroom is equipped with a full pattern to get an amazing boho look.
Decorating this bedroom wall room is the thing you are waiting for the most. This time we suggest some works of art and photo gallery to complement your bohemian bedroom walls.

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Patterned Fabric for Your Ceiling

Bringing back the 80s bedroom aesthetic, a hanging boho fabric is the hallmark of your bedroom bohemian decor. Let the fabric loosely hang to create a romantic and personal vibe to the bedroom—cozy, warm, and simply perfect for a movie night in.

Choose a rather wide patterned fabric to make the look of your bedroom ceiling looks beautiful. This time using this beautifully patterned brownish yellow color.

Image Source

Hanging a patterned white cloth in the ceiling has become one of the things that are needed to make your boho bedroom looks more perfect. Choose an elegant fabric to complete it.
Adorning boho bedroom ceilings with floral patterns is one of the interesting things. In addition, you also prepare it by hanging it on the ceiling of your bedroom.

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Making a boho bedroom look by decorating the ceiling using patterned fabrics is an amazing thing. After that, combine it with enough lighting to make a perfect look.

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Bohemian decor is something that you can endlessly get creative with, especially when it’s implemented in your bedroom. Find out the ones that you like and get ready to transform your room into a bohemian cocoon!

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