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Resolutions 2014

Resolutions 2014

As I’m sitting here at the airport, I cant but think about all the new years resolutions I’ve made and then very quickly broken. Hopefully this year will be different. I’m going to make small goals that I will definitely be able to achieve.
11.     Take better care of myself.
Just like it sounds, try to stop eating out so much, take my vitamins, go to the doctor regularly, all that good stuff.
22.     Photograph more.
I love photography. I kind of feel like I’m good at it too, I just need to do it a little more.
33.     Change my hair.
I’ve already thought about this one. I’m going to try to go blonde. I’ve always wanted to try it out. If it doesn’t work I’m going dark brown, with black low-lights.
44.     Buy myself something I normally would never get.
Something expensive or just something really weird that I want but would never buy. This year is the year I’m going to treat myself to it.
55.     Slowly put money away for a trip to somewhere I’ve never been.
Saving money is not my strong suit. But once I get to Vegas I’m going to make sure to play a couple games of Blackjack and see how lucky I really am.
66.     Stay in better touch with my friends back home.
Moving away from everyone special to me has been really hard. I am pretty bad about keeping in touch with people until it’s about the time I come home.
77.     Spend more time with my family.
I tend to get really busy with everything going on in my life. I want to make sure to set aside sometime to do some family bonding.
88.     Build up some good karma.
Buy people drinks at Starbucks, hold open more doors, all that good stuff will help me in the end.
99.     Say yes to more things.
I’ve noticed the more I’ve gone out of my comfort zone the more fun I have. So I will be saying Yes to more things this year.
110. Get a meaningful tattoo.
I’m thinking a compass, with my parent’s initials, on my back. Wherever I go in life I will always have them to guide me.
111. Fall in love.
Yeah, yeah, falling love, kind of cheesy but its something I want. Whether I get my heart broken or I find someone I want to be with, I want that feeling of being head over heels for someone.
2013 was overall a great year for me. I’ve never been happier and I just home that my luck will continue though 2014. I can’t wait to see what it has in store for me.

What are some of your guys resolutions? Do we have any of the same ones?

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