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Minimalist Kitchen Set: A Guide to Materials and Designs

Minimalist Kitchen Set: A Guide to Materials and Designs

Sleek horizontal and vertical lines, functional and unnoticeable appliances, frameless cabinetry, and the casual pop of stylish color are some attributes to commonly define minimalism in kitchen interior, which is also applicable to a minimalist kitchen set. There are two other things you need to know, i.e. the materials they are made of and their designs.

1. The Materials

The ordinary lumber that mostly used for making kitchen cabinets and sets due to its non-toxic and renewable properties. To name some of these woods are Mindi wood (white cedar), teak wood, and Indian rosewood.

The durable material that common to use for making a kitchen set is using solid wood. You can use any kind of solid wood to make the kitchen set. All you need to do is just adjusted the budget and your needs. And for the important thing is this solid wood can make your kitchen set looks elegant.

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You can use teak wood to make a kitchen set. This wood has good durability and can create an elegant impression for your kitchen. Paint the kitchen set in brown color and you can see how the teak wood can make your kitchen look elegant and classic.

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It refers to thin (less than 3mm) slices of solid wood or bark, usually are affixed onto core panels to generate flat panels such as tops, doors and panels for cabinets, etc.

Another wood material that can be used to make a kitchen set is wood veneer. This wood can make your kitchen set look attractive. The pattern that owned of this wood can create a different look to the whole of your kitchen decoration.

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You can use wood veneer for your kitchen set materials. This wood is suitable if you want an attractive look in your kitchen. You can also use this wood to make a kitchen island and get a warm impression instantly.

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To get a pattern look in your kitchen set, a wood veneer is a good idea. It can create a smooth impression but elegant. Combine with modern cabinet handle and get a sophisticated look.

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Constructed of plies of wood veneer, plywood or multiplex is considered as one of the strongest engineered woods. This material offers sturdier and well water resistance, great attributes for a minimalist kitchen cabinet.

If you want a minimalist look in your kitchen, use plywood for the main material of the kitchen set. This one of the strongest engineered wood that has good durability and water resistance.
You can use plywood for your kitchen set material. This wood is well for water resistance and suitable for your minimalist kitchen design. Because it can create a seamless look and very simple.
Get a minimalist and seamless look in your kitchen by using plywood for the main material of the kitchen set. You can paint the kitchen set according to your needs and get a stunning look.

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The one with High-Pressure Laminates (HPL) is highly recommended for kitchen cabinets since it is more long-lasting and more robust.

For the highly recommended kitchen set material, you can use HPL or laminated wood. Besides, it can create an elegant look, it’s also more long-lasting. So you can save your money.

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For the long-lasting kitchen set material, you can use laminated wood. This wood can make your kitchen looks minimalist and simple. This suitable to create a modern kitchen design.

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For a durable engineered wood, laminated wood is a good idea to make a kitchen set. Besides that, this wood material can provide a seamless and minimalist look yet very stylish.

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Poly Vinyl Chloride is a type of plastic sheet that has the water- and oil-resistant features, highly ideal for kitchen cabinets and sets, mostly in white color.

If you looking for a kitchen set material that has water and oil resistant, you can use PVC material. This wood is suitable to make a cabinet and kitchen set. Even though, mostly in white color, you can also paint in black color.
Create a neat and clean look in your kitchen by using a white and maroon color. For the material, you can use PVC to get water and oil resistant. So you will easily maintain your kitchen set.
Even though mostly the PVC kitchen set is painting in white color, but if you want an elegant look you can paint in brown color. And the material has characteristic water and oil resistant, so it has good durability.

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Medium Density Fiberboard is one of engineered woods derived from the residuals of hardwood or softwood turned into wood fibers, glued with wax and resin, and pressed them in high temperature into panels.

If you want a low budget kitchen set, use MDF is a good choice for kitchen set material. Although it has a quality that is not too good compared to other wood, MDF is also suitable to make a kitchen set.

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You not to be worried if you don’t have a much budget but you want to have a kitchen set. You can choose the kitchen set with MDF material. It can save you money but you still have a stylish kitchen design.

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2. The Designs

A minimalist kitchen set comes in the following model choices:

Also called as the L-shaped minimalist kitchen set, ideal for a family with 3-4 members to provide them with just enough space for meal preparing activities.

An l-shaped kitchen set design is suitable for those of you who want a minimalist kitchen design. Besides, it can save space, this design also looks stylish and simple.
You can use an L-shaped kitchen set design for your small kitchen. Make some cabinets and you can use them to store your kitchen appliances.
To get a compact look in your kitchen, an L-shaped kitchen set design can be a choice. This design is suitable to save space and make your kitchen looks stylish but functional.

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It is as straight as the letter I, suitable for a small or new family that needs not too large cooking-serving space.

This is a simple kitchen set design that suitable if you want a simple kitchen look. You can apply an I-shaped kitchen set design. This kitchen set is straight, so it can make you easy to move.
To make you easy to prepare the meal for your breakfast or dinner, an I-shaped kitchen set model is suitable to be applied. Because the shape is straight and no border that can prevent you to move.
Combining your I-shaped kitchen set design with a kitchen island that has the same length, can make your kitchen looks stylish and sophisticated. The slimness impression will produce by applying this design.

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It is like the letter U shape, often perfect for a bigger family or those who need a larger cooking area.

For those of you who like cooking activity with wide space, you can apply a U-shaped kitchen set design. Moreover, by applying this kitchen set design, you will have much storage that can be used to store your kitchen appliances. So, your kitchen looks neat and clean.
A U-shaped kitchen set design is suitable if you want to cook freely. Besides that, by applying this kitchen set model, you will easily find the items and have enough space for food preparation.
If you have enough space to make a large kitchen, you can apply a U-shape design. Your kitchen set also in U-shape too. And it will provide some benefits. One of them you can cook freely and get stylish look in your kitchen.

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So, which material and design of minimalist kitchen cabinet options that are suitable for your home cooking space?

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