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5 Tips to Maximize Space with Your Small Apartment Decor

5 Tips to Maximize Space with Your Small Apartment Decor

Many people are calling their small apartment as a home. Sometimes, it is challenging to make the most of this small apartment occupy all your needs as the space is limited. However, there is, of course, an answer to every problem.  Here five tips for you to maximize space with your small apartment décor.

1. Choose Your Décor Palette

It is important to stick with a maximum of two main colors when you are decorating a small apartment. If you have selected a theme with three main colors, you can soften it by adding gray or white.

It’s a simple way to make your small apartment looks spacious, just apply a neutral color scheme. For example, apply white, light grey and soft brown. This is a good color combination that can make your apartment feel large and spacious.

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Combine white and grey for your apartment living room is a good idea. Besides, can make your room looks spacious, it also very look minimalist.

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Make your apartment feels cozy and spacious by using white color and combine it with light grey and brown. Add some black color touch to give a contrast look in your room.

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Trough white and black color combination, it can make your apartment feel warm and looks spacious. You can apply this color to the wall and furniture. Add light grey sofa is suitable to complete your apartment decor looks minimalist.
Using neutral colors such as brown and white can make your apartment looks warm and intimate. To give a contrast look, you can fill the room with bright color furniture.
Monochrome color is always suitable to create a minimalist and spacious impression. It’s also very suitable to be applied in your small apartment. You can use white color on the wall and furniture. And then add white and black stripes rug to complete the decoration.

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2. Get Your Reflection On

Mirror can help you to make a tiny space feel more open and airy. The mirror
can also reflect all the light in the room to make it brighter. Also, some
mirrors come in interesting and beautiful designs, enhancing the room’s look.

You can find so many choices of mirrors—from wide, modern, or vintage mirror. They work well as small apartment décor.

You can place a round mirror between the rectangle windows as a multifunctional decoration. Because the mirror here can be used as media to expand the room and look more spacious. Try decorating your small apartment.
The bigger the mirror used, the better. In addition to easy wall decoration, mirrors also give the impression of a room to make it look more spacious and look bright. Support it with bright theme decorations to make it more attractive.

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The best trick to make your small apartment looks wide is using a mirror. You can adjust the design of a mirror consider to your style. One of them you can use a classic mirror frame to get a classic style. By using this idea you will get a wide apartment and looks classic at once.
Place a standing large mirror behind your sofa and it will illuminate your small apartment looks spacious. With a classic frame in gold color, it can enhance your apartment decor.

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Complete your apartment decor with large mirror to make your apartment living room looks wide. Besides that, installing a mirror above your fireplace, it can be the focal point in your room.

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It’s an interesting decoration to make your apartment looks wide and bright. All you need to do is install large windows and place a mirror on the wall. You can pick it in any shape. If you want a seamless look you can pick the mirror in round shape with a thin frame.

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3. Add Some Shelvings

Installing some shelves in your apartment can be a good idea. It can create room to store your things and even serve as a TV cabinet. The shelves can be installed above doors or on the wall. On the other hand, they will create an illusion of a larger room. You can keep several shelves open to give an uncluttered atmosphere.

Maximize the space in your small apartment by applying some shelves and storage. You can apply floating shelves and combine them with the hanging cabinets. It can save your floor and make your apartment look wide.

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Add hanging shelves in your apartment kitchen for extra storage. It can be used to store your plates or other things and make the kitchen looks neat.
To declutter your bathroom, add some hanging shelves and use them to store your small things even for your ornaments. Don,t forget to use the cabinet above the sink to store your toiletries.
Some hanging shelves can be used to store your ornaments or books. To add extra storage, you can add some woven baskets and it can be used to store your small things. This is a simple idea to make your apartment looks neat and spacious.

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To organize your laundry supplies, you can utilize space behind the door by attaching some iron baskets. If you need more organizers, add some hooks and shelves that attached to the wall. It’s very helpful to make your small apartment look neat.
Having a neat and clean space is a good idea to make you feel comfortable. Even though this is in your small apartment laundry room. You can apply some shelves to put some laundry supplies and other things.

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4.  Let the Sunshine Come In

The dark corner may make your room look smaller. You can let the natural comes in by using a window shade. Choose a sheer fabric or blinds to make your window look more beautiful and let the light comes easily.

More important to get natural light in your small apartment. Besides, being healthy it’s also very useful to make your room looks bright and wide. To make it happen, you just have to install large windows and avoid using a thick curtain. Use a sheer curtain to make the sunlight can easily enter to your room.
Let the sunlight enter your room naturally by applying a large window. It’s very useful to make your small apartment look wide and bright.
Choose the thin curtain to make the sunlight comes easily to your room and make your small apartment becomes more bright and spacious. Combine with a white color scheme to make the room brighter.
Using the large windows and sheer fabric, it can help your light comes easily and naturally into your room. You will be more comfortable in your apartment and it can maximize the space in your room.
Through the large window in your small apartment, it can help the room to get natural lighting. Because by using this idea your small apartment will look bright and spacious at the same time.

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5. Compartmentalize the Space With Décor

You can use screens and room dividers to create more space without making the room look smaller. There are so many options for screen dividers, depending on the function of the additional room you want to create.

If you want to create a space in your small apartment, you can use room divider for the idea. One of them if you want to separate your bedroom with a living room, you can use wooden divider and make it for the space to hang your wall decoration.
It will be nice to decorate your small apartment by installing a room divider. Besides, being to make your room looks spacious, it’s also can give privacy to your bedroom.
Separate your living room and bedroom with a wooden rack to make your apartment looks spacious. It would be perfect if you add some boxes for the extra storage. So, besides you get the privacy you will also get a neat look at the same time.
Even though it’s just a small wooden room divider but it can separate between your small dining room with a bedroom in your apartment. This is a simple trick to make your room looks spacious.
To make a simple room divider, use the sheer fabric and wooden rack in your small apartment. It can give privacy, make your small apartment looks spacious without making your room look smaller. And also it’s one way to enhance your small apartment.
It’s important to give a divider in your small apartment. This room divider is useful if you want to create another space without making your room become smaller and cramped. A wooden rack is one of the room dividers that can be used for this idea. You can also use this rack to store your book collection and ornaments at the same time.

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There are many small apartment décor options to maximize the space you have. Not only create more space, but some décor also make your room more beautiful.

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