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21 Creative Ideas Of Cabinet Storage To Make Your Kitchen Organised And Up To Date

21 Creative Ideas Of Cabinet Storage To Make Your Kitchen Organised And Up To Date

If you want to make your kitchen cabinet storage looks functional, organised yet up to date, read and get some inspiration from these ideas.

1. Peg Board

The walls can hold more. Install a pegboard instead of limiting shelves. A pegboard can hold a lot of things like pan, pot or even canisters of utensils. Pegboard also offers flexibility if sometimes you demand a change. It is easy to install and easy to remove.

You can use walls for storage. You only need the pegboard to hang the cooking utensils so it doesn’t look messy and is very neat. Try it on your home decoration right now.

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Re-paint your pegboard to make it look newer and not boring. Use this pegboard to store tools that have the same function, for example for cooking.

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Utilizing an empty wall space is a smart way for extra storage in your kitchen. Add pegboard to make it more elegant to hang kitchen utensils.

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White Pegboard provides a beautiful change in your kitchen decor, because this tool will help tidy up the kitchen perfectly. This pegboard can hold pans and even other kitchen utensils.

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2. Use Tops of Your Cabinet

When you feel your kitchen cluttered, full of stuff and you cannot find any more spaces, take a few steps back, facing your kitchen and look carefully. The top of your cabinet might seem vacant. These are good places to store some of your kitchen stuff. You can put your serving platters there, or even pantry supply that not always needed every day. 

If the top of the cabinet looks empty, then you can use it for storage. This is the best solution when you no longer find an empty room.
Place wicker baskets above the cabinet for additional storage that is practical and easy to access. This is a meticulous way when your things look full and messy.
When the cabinet is too full, then you can use the empty space above the cabinet. Besides looking neat, this storage is also safe and costs nothing to make.

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When you find no more storage space, then look at the top of the cabinet that may look empty. This method is highly recommended for storage in your kitchen.

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3. Downsize to Maximize 

While you are hardly thinking about how to fit everything in one place. It is possible to shrink the size of the furniture as long as it is still functional. Smaller breakfast table than normal will do without changing anything major. Same to do with the cabinet storage. If the kitchen is not big enough, you can go all the way from down to the top of the wall cabinet. Narrower but not wider.

No need to use a lot of furniture in your kitchen. This aims to make your room more spacious and large. In addition, you can use the small size furniture is more useful.
Attach a small size furniture in your kitchen to make it more flexible when carrying out your activities in the kitchen. You can use the kitchen island as a dining table if it is equipped with a high chair.
Small cabinet size is enough for storage in your kitchen when arranged neatly and well. The kitchen that integrates with the dining table provides an inspiring decoration for those of you who have a small room.

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4. Shelving Under the Island Countertop

Looking for some hidden space that not everybody can notice? Try put shelving under the island countertop. It can be placed on one side of the table where the other side is used to store the island’s chairs. It is good for a little bit of extra storage in the kitchen.

Use the empty space under the table to increase storage in your kitchen. You can use one side to store the chairs that are not used. You can try it in your kitchen decor.

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Shelves under the table can be smart storage that is not visible so that it makes the kitchen look neat and spacious. This storage will help store your belongings so that they are easier to access.

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Wooden rack under the island table makes your kitchen look more presentable and beautiful. Use wood to get a natural impression. Besides the wood material can also warm the atmosphere when you are in the kitchen.

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5. Side of Cabinet

Side of the cabinet can be a good use by hanging a set of hookers for cooking utensils. Of the side here is the cabinet’s side which didn’t butt up against the wall.

Take advantage of the side of the cabinet for storage of cooking utensils so as not to scatter everywhere. The advantage of this storage is that it makes it easier for you to get the tools you need. You only need a stainless steel hook that is easy to get.

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Hanging stainless hook will be a smart storage media on the side of the cabinet. Use it to hang cooking utensils for easy access when needed.
Who would have thought the cabinet side could be used as extra storage in your kitchen, here you only need an iron hook for hanging kitchen tools. Besides being cheap, this storage is also very easy to find around your home.

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6. Bright Colours

Following the trend in 2019, which bold kitchen is on the move. Try to give your cabinet braver looks by painting it in bright colours. Try green, pitch black, or dark blue. Or you can even combine all the colours to make your kitchen looks wonderfully up to date.

If your kitchen wants to look more new and spacious, you can use bright kitchen decor. Repaint some of your furniture to get the impression of luxury and elegance. Add faux fur carpet as a warm footwear.

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Cool kitchen decor in 2020 with a solid black cabinet color and a touch of wood on the table. The touch of wood is very memorable because it gives warm and natural feel when you use it.
Kitchen decoration will look more colorful when using bright colors in it. The combination of blue cabinet and leaf wallpaper can refresh the room to the maximum when used simultaneously.
Repaint the cabinet in your kitchen to make it more new and modern. Give a little touch of wood to get a touch of warm and environmentally friendly. This minimalist kitchen became a dream decoration in 2020.

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There are many ways to do something with your kitchen cabinet storage to keep your kitchen organised and modern, more than some tips mentioned above. Try to spend some time, and you will find a way to wrap it.

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